Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to get a quick post out with some updates we wanted to share:

  • Week 1 of the member launch has been a great success.  To those of you who have signed up for a sponsorship level thank you SO much!  We're really excited about all the things we have in store for you.
  • If you're subscribed to the blog but NOT signed up on a sponsorship level you're missing out on a lot of exclusive content that only sponsors can see. Sponsorships start at just $10/mo.  Your support helps to make modeling, cheer and dance all possible. You can join here

Some website updates we wanted to pass along:

  • The website is going be deploying to a CDN this weekend.  For you, nothing really changes but a CDN is a content delivery network.  They help websites run faster and serve up pages more quickly it also provides some additional security protections.  You should notice faster page loads once this is complete. Most of the time this switch is completely undetectable and without any downtime.  We'll be doing this Saturday night 9/21.  If there's some intermittent connectivity issues just check back in a few minutes, it should resolve itself quickly.
  • We made some edits to the site Terms of Service to spruce it up a little bit. Fundamentally, it's the same, but you're welcome to give it a read here if you'd like. We also added a Privacy Policy - there's a link to that included in the Terms of Service if you'd like to review that too (or you're just bored with nothing better to do).
  • Looking forward: We're assembling a roadmap of features we're looking to add to the site to allow you all more engagement with content.  Among these include options for voting on content, video, lives with Bella, and site awards for consistent participation on the site.  We're also researching options to help you stay informed like push notifications.  We'll have more announcements on these in the next couple weeks.
  • Terminology changes: You'll notice starting next week we're going to shift language on the site from "memberships" to "sponsors". We feel the term sponsor is more accurate of a description since your financial support really does go towards making cheer, dance and modeling possible.  This won't change or alter the benefits, all that is staying the same.
  • Sponsor posts: This past week T10 members got an extra post on Wednesday since it was launch week.  Going forward we'll be posting per the following schedule:
    • Sponsor posts will go up Mon, Wed and Fri
    • T10 level will get 1 post per week as stated in the T10 sponsor description.  For now, these posts will occur on Monday's but they may move to Wednesday.
    • T25 and Ultimate Sponsors will get posts Mon, Wed and Fri each week. As a note - Wed and Fri posts will contain slightly smaller photo collections since T10 won't have a post those days.  But we'll be adding other content soon to help make up for that.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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